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Here is a fun example of a scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the '75th Rangers' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'terrorists'.  Here's the situation...

Deep in the jungle, terrorists have almost completed construction on an underground compound to be used for biological/chemical weapons manufacturing and distribution. Intelligence reports indicate the need to obtain important information located within the hidden facility. A squad from the 75th Rangers must breach and infiltrate the enemy compound, locate and secure the sensitive material, and then proceed to the extraction point. The Rangers will be outnumbered by an AI enemy force (including quick reaction forces) and must work together to successfully complete the mission. This mission features random AI placement/patrols, random objective locations, and various pre-set booby traps and tripwires throughout the locaction.

Your Mission.... Breach the enemy compound located at the enemy compound through one of several entry points available. Once inside the compound, locate and question the informant to learn the current location of the sensitive material. After securing the sensitive material, proceed to the extraction point. Once the mission is completed and the information is secured, air strikes will destroy the bunker structure at a later date.
Time Limit.... 30 minutes to an hour.
Strategy.... If you're just playing with your own paintball team, you won't have enough players to make things too complicated - it's pretty much 1-2 against all the rest. If you're playing with more than one team, make one entire team the 75th Rangers and all the rest the Terrorists. If this is the case, hide a few guys as paintball snipers in strategic posts; pick off key players without them knowing they're there. Use landmarks specific to your location strategically to ambush the incoming Insurgents.
Teams.... One team for the 75th Rangers (1-2 players if dealing with a small group - or you can use a whole squad if you're with a big group).  The rest of the players will make up the Terrorist Forces.
Props.... Decide on Entry and Exit points, who's going to be the questioned informant and where the 'compound' will be. Give the Terrorist team some time to set up traps and stations to ambush unsuspecting Rangers. Also designate locations with extra ammo and paintball guns that can also be fought over/defended to make things more interesting. Make up a box or envelope of Insurgent documents for the opposing forces to retrieve. You will have more fun with awesome tactical paintball guns and scenario gear that's totally decked out.  
*This is also a fun scenario to play if the 75th Rangers team has a limited supply of paintballs; act like they're pinned down by the enemy and fight fierce!

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