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Gift Certificates

My Goals For The Midwest Assassins

My goals with the Midwest Assassins (my paintball team) are to be the best paintball team ther is.  I want to make money for playing; I want to make it to the big leagues.... a professional paintballer.  I also hope to be able to build our own paintball field.  I want be able to afford going all across the U.S. to play at paintball tournaments - or better yet, travel all over the place with my sponsors paying my way.  My goals are to get the name Midwest Assassins out to all the other teams.  I want us to be one of those teams that gets their picture in magazines and even on TV.  I plan on getting there with nothing but hard work.  I'm going to try my hardest to win every single time I play and also  getting the sportsmanship award.  I plan on getting there by working with the team and not getting mad and quit.  I plan on getting there by determination to win and to be the best I can be.

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