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If you're aiming your paintball gun correctly, out to about 60 feet, you should hit your target.  After that, the farther away the target, the tougher it is to hit what you aim at. Paintballs just don't fly straight all that far when there's the wind, and other reasons to make the balls curve in flight.  Sometimes a better grade paintball or a better barrel for your paintball marker might help with this.  To get more distance, raise the barrel up.  But - did you know you can raise the barrel of your paintball gun too far and lose distance? 

The distance the paintball travels will increase until the barrel angle reaches 45 degrees. Then the distance begins to decrease from the maximum possible.  It makes sense, if you think about it.  After all, how far sideways would a paintball travel if the barrel pointed straight up?  None (unless the wind was blowing).  The paintball would go straight up, stop, and drop straight down.  And how far sideways would a paintball go if your paintball marker were pointed straight down?  Again, no distance.  Between straight up and straight down, the angle that gets maximum distance is 45 degrees.

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