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Accuracy 101

For all intents and purposes, including those of physics and science in general, no paintball marker can be more accurate than another because no bolt configuration can be more accurate than another, in theory.  However, in the real world, this idea rarely plays out as it is intended to.  Wind positions, temperature, your FPS reading, all of these will change on a second-to-second basis.  This makes it very difficult to test one paintball gun with another and also throws a lot of variables in having accuracy consistently.

There are, however, several ways to improve or control the accuracy of your paintball marker.  The most important involves the match in barrel and paintball bore sizes.  Even slight differences in this match can allow for a severe decrease in accuracy.  The best way to test for a paint/barrel match is called the "blow test".  In order to perform this operation, simply insert a paintball into one end of the barrel, and attempt to blow the paintball out of the other end.  If it comes out with some slight force, it should be satisfactory.  However, if it requires a minimal or profuse amount of force to propel the paintball from the barrel, you have a ball that is either too small or too large, respectively, for your barrel.  Unfortunately, it's very difficult to get paintballs exactly the same size but close enough will have to do.  Also, try to keep your paintballs in a temperate climate.  Too hot or too cold (especially too hot) can change/warp the shape of your paintballs.

Another way to increase the accuracy of your paintball marker is getting the best air system you can possibly find. Look for one with a high flow and recharge rate and a well built regulator.  The PSI (pounds per square inch) and CI (cubic inches) of the tank does not affect accuracy.  Check out the high pressure air tanks on  The final method to improving accuracy is to purchase a high-flow regulator, inline, bottomline, or sideline (along the side of the marker; a rare find these days).  Check out the AG1 Regulator for a great example of this.  A high flow will significantly increase accuracy because it will allow more air to flow inside of the marker, increasing consistency, a major factor in accuracy.  Also keep in mind the effects of barrel length on range and accuracy.

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