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Choice Paintball Guns BBB Business Review
On my last trip to New Breed Paintball, (a local paintball field), Mike Morton and I (we're the main players of Team Trinity) played extremely well.  In one game the teams were 25 vs 25.  From the start Mike and I went to the extreme left of the field.  As soon as we took cover, we took out 2 to 3 opposing players.  From the angle we had from our cover Mike and I were able to take out another 2 players.  Then Mike gave me cover and I moved entirely left; I was directly perpendicular with the opposing team.  I had taken out about 10 more of the opposing players while Mike was giving me cover.  Then we both took out at least another 5 players before the game ended.  Together Mike and I (just 2 players) took out around 18 opposing players.  We both used our Tippmann Alpha Black markers; they worked great.  This shows how important teamwork is on the field, and what can get accomplished when a team works together on the field.
Matt Kresch, Team Trinity
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