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A paintball attack is when a team makes their move towards the enemy side of the field, make a surge to the opposing team's flag, or makes a move towards the defending team's players.  There are hundreds of different paintball games and your method of attack may be different for each, depending on the objective of the game or other variables, like whether or not there are bunkers to hide behind.  For example, in Capture The Flag, a player's attack strategy may involve taking a path where the enemy isn't.  In games of total elimination, the objective is for one player (or one team) to be the only one standing at the end of the game.  In the game Alamo, an attacking team must break through an enemy line of defense within a certain period of time.  In the game street fighter, players fight out in the open, with no bunkers, forts, or holes to hide in.  No matter what the game is, enforce your attack through a combination of strategy, player's preparation, and luck and you will most likely emerge victorious.

To mount a proper attack, players must develop a keen field of vision to see the field around them, and know where the enemies are.  A player's experience is the best means of developing the art of field of vision.  Players with this skill are successful at using their peripheral vision to see not only what is in front of them, but also what is to the left and right of them.  During an attack, make sure you're running and shooting at the same time.  Players that only run across the field without taking aggressive maneuvers towards the enemy are putting themselves in a vulnerable position; you're likely to get shot.  If the opposing players have the opportunity to take multiple shots at the enemy without seeing return fire headed that way, then they have a distinct advantage.  When a player executes running and shooting correctly, they shoot at the enemy while on the run, enabling their chances of staying in the game longer.

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