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I Play Paintball!

My favorite equipment and paintball gun would have to be my face mask by JT and my Spyder Mr1.  This gun has great durability, smooth trigger pull and there are many, many upgrades to make it even more ready for combat.  I use it in speedball and tactical games.  I like my paintball goggles because I like my vision!  I'm also a Team Leader on the Midwest Assassins Paintball Team out of Perryville, MO.  Being on a team has many advantages.... you learn how to work together with a team; the people I play with are great - they really know how to handle themselves on and off the field.  I love the competition and challenges that paintball brings; it makes you push yourself to another level.  Mostly though, I play for the pure joy of sportsmanship and relaxation - believe it or not it's relaxing to shoot people with paintballs!  Overall, there is nothing I dislike about paintball except for the people out there who think they are better than everyone else.  If I could change anything it would be to teach people how to play and treat everyone with respect.  
Our team, the Midwest Assassins practices with one on one play, team play and quite a bit of scenario play.  We are still working very hard to get ready for our first competition of the season.  We always warm-up before we practice; we run a little, we play some football and do some stretches to get warmed up.  We do not allow drinking the night before a practice.  I think my favorite type of paintball is scenario.  I like tactical paintball for the simple reason I'm a big guy and dont like alot of fast paced movement. I also enjoy scenario because I like the war games aspect of it - I can use my skills I learned in cop school and tactical school on the field.

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