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Communication is Key!
When on the paintball field, the number one rule and key to victory is communication.  As the saying goes the battle was lost due to lack of communication.  Our team specializes in this; we yell were we are going, where to move to, when to give cover fire and when we are giving cover fire.  We let each other know where the enemy is at all times.  Always talk with your team on the field and let them know what is happening.  Here's an example of what is sounds like when we're using field talk.... "move to that tree on my go... Covering fire.. go go go... give me cover, I'm moving up to you ... covering fire.  Go!  Go!  Go!  Watch left, there on the left!  Move up, move up"...  Constant communication is a key tip to our strategy and we win many matches because of this.  If we have a chance to study the field a bit before we play, we also like to meet together and try to plan a strategy; especially when we're using different guns.... If one of our team mates is using a sniper paintball marker, we may want him in the back field to pick off key players; if we're using a Tippmann with a flatline barrel or APEX, these allow more diverse ability to land different shots and we will want him in front.
Matt Kresch, Team Trinity, South Carolina
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