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Shipping Paintball Guns to Canada

Many paintball stores will not ship paintball guns to Canada because of the border.  The Canadian Customs officials have a nose for paintball and like to mess with your stuff.  At, we are glad to ship paintball guns and gear to Canada.  Sometimes we have to switch the shipping method depending on what the customs officials are looking for to avoid seizures.  Overall however, the only guns that are prohibited in Canada are .43 caliber paintball pistols.  If you try to get these across the border, they will find it and they will keep it.  Shipping other paintball supplies (like paintball grenade launchers, lasers, paintball scopes, paintballs, tactical vests, etc.) are generally no problem with the Canadian border.  Tactical markers are a different story though.  They are not illegal to ship to Canada, however they stand a good chance of getting messed with at the border.  When we ship paintball markers across the Canadian border, the best method is to ship it in more than one package.  Some say it also helps to write certain things on the outside of the packaging as well (like, 'Happy Birthday' or 'Sample'), however we are not totally sure whether this makes a difference.  We understand why Canadian border officials would want to search packages from a paintball gun store, and we also understand why they scrutinize the contents so much.  With today's threats of terrorism, heightened security is a must and this is just something we have to deal with.

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