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Midwest Assassins Goals

We are the Midwest Assassins paintball team.  Our goal is to become pro in the future and get paid to travel and play paintball.  As the Captain of the Midwest Assassins, I want to teach new kids and teens how to play paintball and have fun.  I would like to use paintball to get teens and kids off the streets and encourage them to become more active and play more sports.  We know our goals are lofty but we know we will be successful because we are willing to be patient and move up slowly but surely, one step at a time.  We will do a lot of practicing, competing and winning tournaments.  We also know the benefits and importance of supporting our sponsors and we make this a huge point nearly everywhere we go.  I'm constantly asking our team sponsors if they need anything or want us to do anything for them.  We also plan on trying to get more and new sponsors all the time.  We would eventually also like to own a local field so we have someplace to play all the time and help spread the word of paintball fun by making paintball more available to more people.  We also want to expand our team with more members and even two or more teams so we can have things going on in several different towns.  Eventually, there will be a whole 'battalion' of Midwest Assassins!
Here is a list of our players, their positions and the paintball guns they like....

  • Travis Sauer Team Captain 23 Back/Mid/Front Tippmann A5(M-4 22inch barrel)
  • Kyle Huber Co-Captain 22 Back/Mid Sypder MR1
  • Aj Madigan Team Leader 30 Back/Mid Spyder MR-1(M-16)
  • Jacob Little Team player 18 Back/Mid/Front Spyder MR2
  • Garett French Team player 18 Back/Mid/Front Tippman A-5
  • Joey Withrow Team player 17 Front/Mid Spyder MR-1 (AK-47)
  • Austin Darwin Team player 10 Front/Mid Spyder MR-1
  • Derik Vernon Team player 17 Front/Mid Spyder Pilot
  • Blaze Team player 14 Training Tippmann A-5
  • Jessie Chriestison Team player 18 Front Spyder extra
  • Daniel Henzly Team player 18 Front Tippmann Alpha Black                      
  • Lil Jon Haerning Team player 15 Front/Mid JT Stealth
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