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Tactical Paintball Vests

   A tactical paintball vest will not only keep you from getting bruised when getting hit with a paintball but their also a great strategy for your scenario play.  The new Tactical Paintball Vest also allows you to carry their operation with comfort and ease so they can focus on their game or training session.  The vest will also allow the user to carry their gear against their body and shoulder as an alternative to around the hip with the harness.  With the harness all the weight is shifted to one area and can be very uncomfortable.  The  Tactical Vest disperses the weight around the body for effortless access to the pouches.  The Tactical Paintball Vest has multiple options for pouches.  The pouches can be attached to the front, back, and the side of the vest - in the exact places you need them.  Pouches you can buy include pod and ammo pouches for extra ammo, i.d. and map pouches, paintball grenade pouches, and horizontal CO2 tank carriers.  You can also get holsters to fit various sized paintball pistols to attach to your vest.  You can find many types of tactical paintball vests as well as all the different pouches at  Get one today to seriously compliment your scenario game!

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