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Need To Know Basics

There are basically two types of games in paintball.... Speedball and Woodsball.  Speedball is a fast paced timed game that generally lasts from 10-15 minutes depending on the match.  This game is played on a field with blow-up inflatable bunkers to hide behind and shoot.  The paintball guns used are very light, technical and super fast.  Good guns to use for competition speedball are the Spyder Sonix, Planet Eclipse Etek, or Dye paintball marker.  Woodsball is also known as scenario paintball and is generally played in the woods, or anywhere you are allowed to play paintball is more played like military scenario missions.  Woodsball is becoming more and more popular and now there are many large tactical scenario paintball competitions/games (D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, etc.) you can play in.  The paintball guns used in woodsball are military replica machine guns and pistols; excellent guns are the Tippmann X7 Phenom, 468 and Tippmann Alpha Black.  Players often wear camoflage clothing, tactical vests and attach real rifle parts to their paintball guns.  These include scopes, flashlights, sights and different handguards and buttstocks.  Woodsball scenario paintball games are also timed but can sometimes last all day or even several days long.  Whichever type of paintball you decide to play, just remember one thing - they're all totally fun!  Make sure you get all your paintball gear at, we have all the cheapest and best selection of gear!

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