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Playing with paintball armor.  Many players, especially young ones feel the need to wear body armor vests during a paintball game.  But be careful!  Body armor has it's obvious advantages.... relieving the pain of getting hit with paintballs - but it also has some negatives too.  It will assure that every time a paintball touches you it will break.  It's basically an automatic out.  This is one reason why, when it comes to competition paintball (woodsball or speedball) I decide to go without it.  I've found the best thing to wear is a baggy jacket.  The cloth, being much softer than armor will sometimes deflect paintball and they won't break as easily if you get hit.  It also allows you to move a lot easier to.  I also like a good tactical vest with plenty of pockets; the pockets allow you to basically cover yourself with gear like ammo pods, and paintball grenades.  Overall though I would still choose a baggy jacket; it works best for my style of play and how I like to move in fast situations. 
Matt Kresch, Team Trinity

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