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Bunkering Strategy

First of all, bunkering can be defined as eliminating an opposing player at close range, usually within 7 feet of each other.  Here's a strategy for how to do this as a back player.  Always keep an eye on the target of whom your front player is aiming to bunker.  As the bunkering is about to commence, make sure to keep a steady stream of paintballs to the side of your rushing front player to keep the receiver of the bunkering down. Another, more effective strategy, is attempting to keep the target busy.  Keep popping out of your bunker and distracting the target, let him attempt to shoot you out.  While he is busy working on marking you, your front player can hurry to the opposite side of the player's bunker and shoot the target on his blind side.  Always keep in mind that if the target has supporting players, have your other teammates try keeping them down so your front player will not get shot out while on the run to bunker one of your opponents. The most important tactic in supporting your front player is to keep in oral contact with him.  Shout as much information as you can get to him, and cue him when he should run up.  Of course though, do not make obvious comments such as Go for it! Bunker the dude in the dorito NOW!, or you may be more of a disadvantage than an advantage.

As the front player, you obviously hold the most important position in bunkering someone.  You should be close up in the action, near the center of the field.  Always keep your eyes open and do not develop the horror in paintball known as tunnel vision, where you concentrate only on a single point, and ignore your surrounding, which can and probably will lead to you being eliminated from the side or getting bunkered yourself.  Always expect to be rushed up on, and be aware of what is happening.  You should always be talking with your supporting back player, and popping out the bunker and shooting at the opposing teams back player to keep him down, to prevent communication between the other teams back and front players, which can help prevent yourself from getting bunkered and your team trampled upon.  When getting prepared to bunker your opposing front player, expect the other teams back players to lay paint on you. Stay low when running and NEVER keep your paintball gun down. With experienced players, it is not be a good idea to shoot a steady stream of paint at their bunker while running up to bunker them, as they will usually recognize this sign and get ready to counter you. Stay low and quiet, and run as fast as you can. When reaching the bunker, try to hit the opponents blind side. Many players tend to fire off a certain point of their bunker for a minute or two during the game.  Look at their patterns and try to intercept them while they are looking in a different direction. Going over the top of their bunker to bunker them can be very useful too when you are being shot at constantly by the opposing back players.  In all cases, one of the most important things to remember is that you are just as vulnerable as your target when attempting to perform a bunker.

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