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What Does a Remote Line Do?

   You will notice that on many of the paintball guns offered on, you can buy a remote line as an option.  A remote line is a great addition to your paintball marker especially if you have a tactical paintball gun.  The remote line will change the way you carry your CO2; instead of connecting your CO2 directly to the gun, the remote line will attach to the tank and allow you to carry your tank on your back.  You can carry the tank on your leg, hip belt or in a pouch attached to your tactical paintball vest.  This will give you a new freedom wielding your paintball gun around making the whole experience that much more real.  The remote line also will make your gun more efficient and improve it's consistency.  It will act as a magazine expansion chamber does by lengthening the path of air to the gun, allowing the CO2 to warm-up a little when it gets to the gun.  This will provide for a more even tempurature of air the paintballs will fire more consistently.  If you don't have a remote line attached to your paintball marker, you're missing out!  The 90 degree and 180 degree remote lines generally function the same, one just has a bit more mobility, however the 90 degree is more popular with our customers.

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