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T68 AK47 Paintball Gun
It feels good being bad with the NEW T68 AK47 paintball rifle!  The AK-47 was originally developed in 1944 by Mikhail Kalashnikov for the Soviet Union. It is a 7.62 mm durable assault rifle and thanks to its low manufacturing costs, the AK-47 is still widely used around the globe.  f you want to get that classic AK-47 feeling in your hands, you should defiantly try the new Gen7 AK47 which is designed for scenario paintball and military training. As the "opposing force" marker, the T68 AK47 enhances military combat training, scenario realism and is also great if you want to play a bad guy for the weekend.

The T68 AK47 features all-metal construction with internal Flexi Air System. Each unit incorporates a fully functional magazine-feed system with 18 round detachable magazine. An optional 200 round hopper adaptor is available for those who need more ammo capacity.  Just like the real deal - the T68 AK47 Paintball Gun features an inherent reliability and durability by virtue of being made completely of metal. To replicate the original classic, the aesthetics are dead-on and the pistol grip and handguard are made of wood - the T68 AK47 is made to take a beating!



  1. Jacob on November 9, 2009 at 1:23 PM said:
    I'm considering buying this product, in the Krinkov varient, and had 3 questions: 1 - Will/when you be stocking the new splitfire AK, and will you have it in the Krinkov variant? 2 - What is the largest capacity refillable co2 cylinder that can be screwed into this gun and still allow the stock to be fully funcitonal? Will the 7 oz. work? or is the 5 oz. the max? 3 - what barrel threads does this gun use? I've heard ir uses A-5/X-7 threads, can you ocnfirm this? Also what is the maximum outer diameter of a barrel I can put in? Thank you!
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