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Questions To Ask The Paintball Field

If you've never been to the paintball field, here are a few questions that may be helpful to ask when you get there.  If you're all alone (and not with a buddy to show you around/tell you what to do), ask if the field has games for just rookies or players using stricly rental paintball guns.  This helps because you will probably be playing against other new players of roughly your own experience level.  By talking to a field operator or some of the players that frequent a particular field you will find out what the general policy is toward rookies.  They may have their own area to play in (much like a ski slope will have a section roped off for beginners); or they might have certain times or specific games offered to learn the ropes.  Next, ask about paintball equipment.  Most fields want your to rent theirs but find out what's legal if they allow you to bring your own.  If it's an outdoor field, ask if you can rent camouflage clothes, or if you need your own.  Camos help you last longer by letting you hide better.  It can also give you more confidence because you at least look like a regular player.  Finally, check to see what the field offers in the way of face protection and paintball goggles.  If you are serious about trying the game and they don't have some good head protection to rent, ensure your fun, spend some bucks and buy some.  ChoicePaintballGuns has goggles for all different experience levels.... paintball masks and goggles for the beginner and the black belt.

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