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Gift Certificates

Ready to buy new gear?  Here's a quick buying guide.  

What paintball gear is good to buy first?  This is the Number One question that we get at ChoicePaintballGuns, and it is a good one.  Keep in mind there are some great "all in one deal" packages and specials you may find.

1- Paintball Mask/Goggle System. You must have paintball goggles or a paintball mask! Try on several, to find the best fit to your head size and shape.  The goggle system you purchase must meet ASTM safety standards.  Pick one with plenty of protection for the face and eyes, throat, and ears.  It should be easy to see out of and give you a large viewing area.
2 - Neck Protector.  After a paintball mask/goggles, this is the number one item you should be wearing.  Most paintball fields do not offer rental neck protection, so buy your own.  It protects a very sensitive body area worthy of good protection.
3 - Head protection, such as the Hundredth Monkey bounce cap, or a complete over the head protection goggle mask system.  Men, buy a protective cup. Women, protect the chest area.
4 - Gloves.  Most fields do not rent paintball gloves.  Hands can prove very sensitive, so put gloves on your list.  Paintball gloves offer great protection, and they are an inexpensive safety investment that can be used in other applications as well; an important part of your paintball supplies.
5 - Knee and Elbow Pads.  The more you play, the more moves you will start to make, and the longer you will stay in the game.  As your game increases in intensity, you will want to add top quality personal safety gear.  Knee and Elbow pads are a must, and paintball slider shorts are an option.
6 - Barrel Squeegee.  A stick squeegee is super inexpensive.  It will clean your barrel whenever you break a paintball in your paintball gun.  This is worth every penny! Broken paint in the barrel sends your accuracy down the tubes or out the window.
7 - Paintball marker and Tank.  Finally, right? After the basic safety items, choose a marker and tank.  Your paintball marker should add to your playing style.  Don't let the marker change your style-don't get forced into playing to your marker.
8 - Add a paintball marker repair kit, so you can do the routine upgrades and repairs.  Add a set of Allen keys in US and a set in metric.  Buy a tool box, and add tools as needed. Even if you are not mechanically inclined, in a pinch a skilled airsmith can use your repair kit and tools to fix your marker.
9 - Harness and Pods.  A good all-around choice is a comfortable harness that carries at least 4 pods.  The harness you choose should carry the larger 140 ball pods as well as the smaller 100 ball pods.
10 - Paintball Gear Bag.  You'll need a gear bag for all this gear.  A hard sided case is good, so items are not crushed, and the case will store neatly.  Check the new soft-sided bags, too, because some have special hard-sided compartments.
11 - Pants and Paintball Jersey.  Make your fashion statement when you buy your paintball pants and jersey.  Go tourney style for speedball, and it's your option in the woods but most go camo.  Having a uniform gives you a little more mental performance.

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