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Beginner Equipment

You've been playing paintball for a while, what equipment would you recommend for the newbie, just starting out?
Obviously, the most essential piece they're going to need is a paintball marker.  The gun I would recommend for a beginner is a Spyder Xtra, Sonix, or even a Spyder MR1; these are easy to operate, maintain and there are many attachments and upgrades you can buy for them later.  They're also very reasonably priced for a first gun.  To make the gun work, you'll need air; I recommend starting with CO2..... start with either a 9 or a 12 oz. CO2 tank.  Next importance, you should think about safety.  I would recommend a full head paintball mask, to protect your face and eyes and just in case you get shot in the back of the head.  You can play with no body protection if you want, but it kind of hurts a bit when you get hit with a paintball, so a beginner may want to consider purchasing a padded vest and/or a padded jersey.  The paintballs I recommend is the kind that your team uses.  I would probably start off with Brass Eagle Monster Balls; their cheap and readily available - you can get them at Wal-Mart.  Our sponsor sends us Karnage paintballs and these are much better but we generally need more of them and Monsters bridge the gap nicely.  I would also recommend wearing a good pair of paintball gloves too. 
Joey W.  Midwest Assassins, Division 1 Paintball Team, Perryville, MO.

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