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I Love Paintball!

I love playing paintball because its a totally addictive, fast paced, fun sport - and its safe to play.  I first started playing when I was 12 years old and I immediately loved it as a stress relief; somehow it relieves your stress because you get to shoot people with guns but
not actually hurt or kill them.  But then I got asked to join a team and started to actually learn what paintball was all about and I lovee it!  In 2004 I started my own team called the
Midwest Assassins.  I guess you can say that paintball is like a drug to me - I'm hooked!  Everyday I'm on the computer looking up new equipment, paintball strategies and ideas that will better myself and my team.  I like to try and recruit new people and teach them how to play.  Paintball
 really gets your energy pumping.  I think a lot of people are scared to play because they think it hurts.  What they don't understand is that once you get shot the first couple of times you dont even feel it anymore because your adrenalin and energy is so pumped up.  The only thing you can think of is 'OK, i'm out this game but next time that guy is going to get it back.

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