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Cleaning your paintball marker is a very important task that needs to be done after each time you play.  Some players never clean their marker at all, and this could lead up to many problems such as ball breakage - paintballs will often prematurely break when shot from a paintball gun with a dirty barrel.  Also, leaving your gun dirty can make it malfunction in other ways as well (clogging up the internals, etc.).  If you want to be a regular paintballer, you need to realize how crucial it is that you clean your marker after every time you play.  When you clean your marker, make sure you clean it inside and out. It does not take long, and its also kind of fun.  I love cleaning my paintball marker, it makes it look brand new again, and it functions much better when it's clean.  Cleaning your marker will keep it looking new, and it will definitely add to it's life.  No one likes a marker with dry paint on it from a past game.  Keeping your paintball gun in good shape (whether you have a competition paintball gun or a military replica tactical paintball marker) will allow you to have a great time on the field with fewer problems.  So remember to clean your marker after every time you play.
Mike Morton, Team Trinity
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