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The Airowgun unit was designed to be a tool to draw the neophyte paintball player back to the game, or into the game for first time.  Over the last few years with Airball fields and Tourneys taking over paintball we have noticed a decline in new players taking up the sport.  You know, those people who can’t afford $500 + for equipment, are afraid of getting lit up @ 15 balls a second, and don’t want to have to shoot a case or so of paint for a day of play.  With the combined # of people who throw together games in the woods behind their house, and the 7million + bowhunters, 6 million + airgun shooters and the 10 milllion + paintball players out there, it is clear that tournament paintball is just not everybody’s cup of tea and that there are a whole bunch of bodies still out there waiting to be collected.  To this end was the Airowgun designed. We both know that most players come out to play and just have fun, laugh and BS with friends.  Some will evolve into tournament players, but the greater preponderance will not. It is also true that if we can provide a positive experience to first time players that they will return and become loyal customers. Then a great deal of them will begin what we call here the “Upgrade Race”.  You know the “I got shot out by that guy because he has brand X marker and I only have brand Z” so the trading up begins. This results in numerous sales to same individual right up until such time that they actually develop a skill set. Well, we believe that the Airowgun can help be the catalyst to get that whole ball rolling by getting a few of the guys on the sidelines to give paintball a shot as it were. Plus they can still go out and engage in archery and hunting when they’re not playing paintball!  Scenario guys love it!  Bow hunters can’t wait to see who’s the best!  Super silent and NO CO2 required! These are definitely a fun little toy to have in your paintball arsenal.

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