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Paintball Gun Grenades

If you’re considering having a paintball tournament with friends you should probably learn more about what your supply options are.  Gone are the days when you only had one choice for a paintball gun.  Now you can choose from many different brands and varieties.  Check out special pages on for an excellent selection of competition paintball guns as well as a fantastic array of tactical paintball markers.  Consider adding an edge to your tactical game by using a paintball grenade launcher. These powerful weapons pack a punch. You can attach a paintball grenade launcher underneat the barrel of your paintball gun, attach it to the handguard or you can use a grenade launcher that is a gun in and of itself.  You can also choose between whether or not you want to use .68 caliber or .43 caliber paintballs.  If you want to use .68 caliber, you will use the M68 paintball grenade; if you want to use .43 caliber paintballs, you will use the M203.

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