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More On Scenario Paintball

I love scenario paintball the best; it's really fun to compete with to.  You get to go out in the woods and hunt people down.  I don't think it's as fun to know where your opponent is like you do in speedball; in woodsball you can run into them while on patrol or you might walk into an ambush where they're hiding - there's unexpected action at every corner.  What's the most awesome though is to be able to track your opponent, sneak up on them and either set a trap and ambush or snipe them off one by one from a vantage point.  I would rather be in a natural landscape too; natural terrain is so much more unpredictable than bunkers.  I don't want to hide behind huge balloons.  I guess I like woodsball the best because its like hunting, except your not hunting deer with a rifle, but hunting people with a paintball gun!  And guess what?  They're hunting you too!  The guns are sweet as well; I like Spyder MR1 and MR2 juiced up with a sniper barrel and a killer scope.  Travis, our captain has an awesome Tippmann X7 Phenom; I think it's a good choice too.

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