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Arc-Shot Aiming Method

Here's a cool method of aiming from a smart fellow named Tim Gavlick from the PaintballTimes.  The method he likes the most is called the “arc shot” method.  This method works best for medium- or long-range targets.  The only effort involved is popping the head out for less than a second to find the target.  When you look, take note of where your target is, and what is directly above him or her. After gathering this information, there is no need to expose your marker to fire at all.  Keep yourself and your paintball marker below the top of the bunker, point your barrel towards a point directly above the target, and let loose with a barrage of shots.  The paintballs will arc down toward your target as it flies through the air.  Knowing where to aim will greatly increase the chances of anyone hitting the target. Remember to estimate the distance to the target so that you can aim at the right angle as to hit it.  This method works best in woodsball or any format with a similarly-sized playing area.  Short-ranged shots will not have enough time to travel downward and strike the target.

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