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Range in woodsball is a great thing to have no matter the situation.  If you're retreating and have a good amount of distance between you and the enemy, take a few shots just to make them think twice about following you.  Without a good barrel, you might as well keep running because you know that your patbinalls are going to be rolling at their feet.  Having range is great for pursuing the enemy also.  If you're chasing the enemy who is making a mad dash for their base, he may stop to take a breath because he knows your paintball gun doesn't have the range to hit him.  Your paintball gun barrel can make up the difference and he'll be sorry he second guessed you.  A burst later, you got the enemy looking back to see one of them walking to the dead box. 

A barrel with range is also great for attacking or defending bases.  As you siege the main fort, you see shooters up on the walls; you've got three choices... 1)run up and try to shoot them while you are well within range, 2) aim high and hope you can arc your paintball, Or 3) take out them one by one with the new barrel you've just upgraded to.  If you're defending the fort, you can rise up with the snipers on the roof and still hit targets; or you can be the heavy gunner with the range that doesn’t let the enemy advance anymore because they cant get out of cover without a barage of paintballs coming their way.

In woodsball, the best thing you can have is accuracy, whether it be a long shot from halfway across the field, or a diving shot while on the move.  While many players enjoy the accuracy their stock barrel provides, they have no clue that the accuracy they have is terrible compared to the many after market barrels that are revolutionizing how paintballs fly and move though the barrel.  Even if you aren’t a sniper, you still rely on accuracy to put the ball where you need it.  So as you blast a flurry of shots at the enemy while executing a head first dive to elude their shots, will you hear the splat of your shots hitting home, or will you hear the approaching footsteps because you missed?

Another thing in woodsball that's often overlooked is speed.  Many players switch to woodsball because they want a slower paced, more strategic game; in speedball or xball, speed and quickness is everything.  If you feel like your paintball marker is the slowest on the field; it may be the firing rate or even how fast you can bring it up to shoot.  Consider trying an SMG barrel.  The SMG barrel is smaller than 6 inches; this cuts off extra weight and the cumbersomeness that a large, long barrel brings.  With the SMG barrel, instead of having to carry your marker in a sling because its heavy, you can keep it up and ready for whatever comes around the bend.

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