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Weapons Cache

Here is another fun scenario paintball mission that you can play with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  This one's better with a larger group though.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the 'US Special Forces' team and all the rest of your team will be the 'Opposing Forces' protecting the weapons cache.  Here's the situation...

A local warlord has recently taken control of a small mountain village capturing a large cache of heavy weapons in the process.  Intelligence reports the cache has been separated and moved to two locations, one in the Northern sector and one in the Southern sector of the village.  You can use either extra paintball guns, but this game is most fun when played with rationed ammo.  Start out with everyone (good guys and/or bad guys) having only half a hopper full of paintballs (or a certain small amount); use boxes of paintballs for the 'weapons cache'.  You can choose to give everyone a small amount of paintballs or you can give unlimited supplies to the bad guys while the good guys have a small amount (this will make things much harder!).
Your Mission.... Conduct an assault of the mountain village in order to secure and deny the enemy the use of the weapons caches.  Eliminate as many enemy as possible.
Time Limit.... 30 minutes.
Teams.... One team for the US Special Forces (1-2 players if dealing with a small group - or you can use a whole squad if you're with a big group).  The rest of the players will make up the Opposing Forces protecting the ammo/weapons cache.
Enemy....Enemy forces consist of a squad of local insurgents.  Insurgents are suspected to be highly trained and armed with small arms and automatic paintball guns.  Snipers are also suspected to be in the area (using high powered scopes and long range sniper paintball guns).
Props.... Use any kind of props you want for forts, hiding spots for the weapons cache and snipers, etc.  Try to utilize landmarks or interesting points specific to your location.  Be creative with your equipment for a great time; set paintball landmines or paintball grenades; try to set up a strategic ambush.  You will have more fun with awesome tactical paintball guns and scenario gear that's totally decked out.  Depending on how much room you have to play with, some guys really go all out and play this game at night with night-vision goggles, high-powered scopes and sneaky tactical strategies.

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