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Operation Ambush

Here is another fun scenario paintball mission that you can use to practice how to set up an ambush and also how to deal with being ambushed by another team.  You can play this mission with a huge group of people or just with your paintball team.  If your just with your own team, get one or two players and they will be the ones setting up the ambush against all the 'unsuspecting' other.  You can also play this the other way around as well (large group ambushes the smaller).

The team setting up the ambush should try different strategic scenarios.  Try setting up trip wires with paintball grenades.  Also try using paintball landmines set in strategic places that you might try and flush the others into to get them to blow themselves up.  Of course use fully decked out semi and fully automatic paintball guns on both sides.  Also look for strategic places to put a sniper paintball gun position somewhere to pick off key players while your other 'regular infantry' are keeping pressure on them with constant fire.  Be smart with your location as well; try to use the layout of the land or specific sections of territory that might make your ambush more successful.  These are things like a stream, a bottleneck - someplace where the opposing force would have to go through.  This might be a bridge, a trail or even a section of a field.  Try to use paintball gun firepower to divert the opposing team and force their movement into a certain area you've already strategically placed paintball landmines or tripwires in.  If you have multiple players in the ambush, consider separating your forces in different areas of your location to accomplish your mission.  Try to have alternate plans and be ready to go with the flow.
Your Mission.... Ambush the opposing team.  The opposing team should give the Ambushers enough time to set up their ambush (so they can strategize, set trip wires, etc.) without knowing what they're doing.  The mission starts when the opposing team enters the area where the ambush is set up.  Eliminate as many enemy as possible.  Either team can win.
Time Limit.... 30 minutes. Also set a time limit for the ambush set-up (15-30 minutes).
Teams.... One team for the Ambushers (1-2 players if dealing with a small group - or you can use a whole squad if you're with a big group).  The rest of the players will make up the Opposing Forces getting ambushed.
Enemy....Enemy forces consist of a squad of local insurgents.  Insurgents are suspected to be highly trained and armed with small arms and automatic paintball guns.  Also use snipers as part of your ambush strategy (using high powered scopes and long range sniper paintball guns).
Props.... Use any kind of props you want for forts, hiding spots and snipers, etc.  Try to utilize landmarks or interesting points specific to your location.  Be creative with your equipment for a great time; set paintball landmines or paintball grenades.  You will have more fun with awesome tactical paintball guns and scenario gear that's totally decked out.  Depending on how much room you have to play with, try using different numbers of players, different equipment and different strategies to be ready for anything.

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