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How To Buy A Paintball Gun

  • The best place to start is to first decide on a price range.  The amount of money available for a paintball marker purchase will narrow down your choices.  The best paintball guns, also called markers, can cost hundreds of dollars.  Saving for a paintball gun purchase later can be justified because a better paintball gun will last longer and have reduced repair costs.  Check out the 'e-layaway' option when buying a paintball gun from
  • Next, look at the paintball guns available in your price range and narrow down your choices.  It’s better to visit an actual store instead of just looking online, but you can also get some very good markers from the internet.  The weight and feel of a paintball gun play important roles in how satisfied you’ll be with your purchase.  You also want a paintball gun that is visually appealing to you - pick something you can picture yourself ruling the paintball field with.  If you play in woodland areas, a camouflaged paintball gun can be helpful.  People have different tastes, and find what works for you by comparing models.
  • Also look at the specifications of the paintball guns on your list.  For some paintball games, rate of fire is important.  For some markers, the rate of fire can be adjusted. This can be important for players who tend to run out of ammunition too quickly. Also, it’s better to have a paintball gun that can be easily switched from automatic to semi-automatic and back.  Many electronic triggers also allow a 3-round burst mode.
  • Ask store employees or email the webmaster for more information about the particular paintball guns you’re considering for purchase.  Most people who work in stores that carry paintball guns also play.  Sometimes they can provide information not normally found on the gun’s packaging or specifications.  They also often know about a particular gun’s reliability, and nobody wants a paintball gun that is known to jam often or break down easily.
  • Search the Internet for information about the paintball gun models you’re interested in.  You can sometimes find personal stories in blogs about players who use those models.  This information can help you make the final decision on purchasing a paintball gun.
  • Finally, you're ready to purchase your paintball gun.
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