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Flexi-Air Systems sells the Flexi-Air System options for many of their guns.  The Flexi-Air System is a 're-routing' of your paintball gun's air system so your CO2 hook-up comes out next to the buttstock instead of behind the trigger handle.  This allows you to use a 'Flexi-Air Buttstock'.  With this buttstock, you can hide your paintball CO2 inside and make your gun as realistic as possible.  You can also hook up a remote line and carry your paintball CO2 on your back.  Without the flexi-air system, your CO2 tank is attached to the back of the trigger handle; this changes the gun's balance and makes it look and feel like a paintball gun instead of a real gun.  You can also remove the buttstock and attach a remote line directly to the back of the gun if you want.  The Flexi-Air Buttstock will also improve your gun's performance.  It has a small resevoir inside of it that will allow the CO2 to warm up a little bit before releasing to your gun; this will provide with a more even temperature and allow for more consistent power output from your paintball gun.  Once you've tried the flexi-air system, you won't want to go back to the old way.  This system is mostly something that you order when you first purchase a paintball gun (if offered); you can upgrade your current marker with the system but you might need to send your gun to RAP4 and they might have to perform a non-invasive surgery.

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