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This is a fun game if you have 2 teams.  It's fun because it's not just a free-for-all, paintball-wasting, electronic trigger session; you have to make your shots count because you'll have limited ammo.  Limited paintball ammo is the name of the game; in this game, each player has limited paintball ammo; in order to get more, players have to break into the enemy's base and steal it.  Ultimately, the jist of this game is elimination - the team with the most kills wins.  Here are the rules....
1. All players begin at their Flag bases.
2. Teams can have one flag defender per every 3 members of the opposing team.  i.e. 1-3 enemies, one defender; 4-6 enemies, two defenders (this does not count other defenders) Minimum of one defender per team.
3. Defenders can carry whatever they wish for paintballs, but cannot give any to teammates.  They can also use whatever paintball markers they want but most use tactical paintball guns for this game.
4. Defenders must stay within 30 feet of their flag (clearly visible range of flag).
5. Each of the other players will have 50 rounds of ammo to start play.
6. Each player has 200 rounds of ammo located in a box next to the enemy's flag.  Each player can only touch his/her own ammo. (NO GRABBING THE BOX AND RUNNING) The ammo boxes must stay at the flag bases.
7. Play continues until all players on opposing team are eliminated. 

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