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Wear a Paintball Jersey When You Play!
I very much like
jerseys, they are a cool part of the paintball garb for their different looks and styles.  Generally, you can buy them front certain name brand companies, or you can even customize your own to have your team name, sponsors or even your name/nickname and team number.  They are also a uniform which makes the sport more organized and not just a bunch of guys shooting each other in the woods.  You can even customize paintball jerseys to have padding, or thumb holes, or you name on the color; you can even put mesh lining on the sides to make it more breathable.  When all your team members are wearing the same jerseys, you feel like a force to be reckoned with when you walk onto the paintball field - they definitely give you a bit more confidence.... because they make you look like a professional paintballer!  Paintball jerseys are also kind of baggy and sometimes will reduce the pain of being hit with a paintball.  I feel that if you are becoming greatly involved in the sport of paintball, a jersey is a key point on your check list of things to get.
Matt Kresch Team Trinity
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