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How To Start A Paintball Team 

First you get a few buddies who love to play paintball and go out and play.  If it looks like you're with a crew that seems to work together and wants to have more organization and actually compete against other teams, you ask them if they want make a paintball team.  Practice regularly - several times/week or as often as possible and pretty soon other people are going to want to come out and play.  Also, ask around to see if you can get more people.  You can make fliers and post them everywhere, you can talk to paintball stores and sports shops to let them know you have a team and to hand out your info or send people your way.  Then when people show up to play, let them play a few times with you and if they're interested, ask them if they want to try out for your team.  Make sure you have set rules and policys for your team to follow as well as designated positions people can either try out for or that they're good at.  Make positions for your paintball field strategies and also ones that will be helpful to your team organization.  For example, have one person who's the treasurer, one guy in charge of team equipment and sponsorships, etc.  Once you've got at least 3-5 people, start signing up to play local tournaments and practice alot and get better.  Then you can look into getting sponsorship and meeting new teams and new people.  It really starts to grow from there.  You will have to decide if your team wants to play speedball or tactical scenario paintball or both.  Anyway, the main thing is HAVE FUN!

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