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Bunkers Add More Fun
While paintball is a great sport to enjoy all the time, if you play the same game all the time, it can also grow stale in the same environment with the same people.  In order to inject a little bit of adrenaline into your game, consider adding some different 
paintball bunkers to your field or perhaps take your game to a different area.  Bunkers provide cover, and can be used to change the tactical layout of an area.  Inflatable bunkers are much simpler to clean than other surfaces, and can be put to good use even in open fields and areas with little to no cover.  Paintballing becomes much more enjoyable when players can use their surroundings to their advantage, and bunkers make the perfect addition.  Bunkers can also be used to build entire custom paintball courses, and because they are available in several different shapes and sizes, there are all kinds of different structures and shapes that can be created.  You can even get inflatable bunkers that are replicas (in shape and size) of military vehicles, missile trucks, tanks and even full sized aircraft - all used to hide behind on the paintball field!  Some of the better commercial paintball fields have elaborate mock towns, military bases and forts built on their different courses; these make the game much more interesting!  Whether the course looks like a castle wall or ramshackle battlefield, it’s sure to be a whole lot of fun!  Inject some adrenaline into a paintball game with bunkers and barriers.

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