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Scenario Game Strategies
When playing on the field during big game scenario events there are certain things you will want to try to do in order to secure a win.   Move your players up on the paintball field and find flanking positions.  Next, give them a command to slowly move up and I don't mean rush up the field to the enemy like the russians did in WW2.  I mean methodically push up the field for better cover and better positioning.  Be careful if you are one of those players that stand toward the back and just yells for the entire game.... "move up, move up, Keep going, blah, blah, blah.  Your team's movement will definitely be much more efficient if you only have one guy yelling commands and calling the shots.  Also when playing finding better positions on the field is key.  If you can find a spot on the flank of your enemy then you can win; you will hold an advantage on the field and be able to take out many of the enemy.  So, as an overview, keep moving forward to improve your position and try to flank your enemy.  Use your player's with different paintball guns strategically as well... put the guys with the fastest or automatic paintballs guns in the front, sniper paintball guns for accurate shots in the back.
Matt Kresch, Trinity Paintball Team
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