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 Special Ops Recon

This is a great night game scenario.  It's best played with multiple 5-man teams.  The object is for small teams to check into several checkpoints; the problem is, they all have to check into the same ones.  Each time your team reaches a checkpoint, they get points; the points range from highest to lowest and the first team to check in gets the most, the last team to check in gets the least.  Or you can have checkpoints (one for every team on the field) that are spaced throughout the paintball field.  Each being clearly marked with a flag or some other marking device.  Each checkpoint also has a colored pen hanging from a string.  Each checkpoint has different colored pen.  Each player has a card attached to his wrist (a playing card will do) by a string, rubber band or elastic band.  Each team starts near a checkpoint.  Here are some rules to play by....
1. Players must mark their card with the marking pens provided at the checkpoint.
2. Every team member must attempt to mark his card, although this is not mandatory.
3. Players who are eliminated are not allowed to count the points they collected with their final team score.
4. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
5. Players who are hit are out of the game.
6. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the opposing team members.
If you run into opposing teams, eliminate them!  Scoring can be done as noted above or.....
- 1 point for each different colored mark on a card.
- 5 bonus points if all team cards are marked by at least two checkpoints.
- 5 bonus points for each additional checkpoint where all team cards are marked.
- 2 bonus points for every team member with card marks from every checkpoint.
Object of the Game:  the team with the highest points wins the game!
Tactical Advantage:  This shows you that sometimes the objective is more important than mixing it up with the other teams.  When you are collecting points, set up a circular defensive position around the checkpoint.  You should all be facing outwards.  Every player goes in separately and checks off his card.  This way if you get attacked, you're not all gaggling around the checkpoint. 
This is an excellent night game scenario.  People are very cautions about moving around. The last thing you want is to stumble on another team! For night game scenarios, it's best to have the velocity cut down to about 220 feet per second (fps).  Best Paintball Equipment to use: any type of tactical paintball marker or competition paintball gun will do.  Something with an electronic trigger is nice; add an electronic hopper to speed your game up even more.  This is a fast game and accuracy counts, use a tactical rifled barrel to give you more of a sure-shot.

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