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Crush your opponents with 20 paintballs at once with the next generation paintball grenade launcher!  If you enjoyed the Phantom Grenade Launcher, you’ve gotta lay your hands on the new Squad Blaster Paintball Grenade Launcher Pistol.  The second generation Grenade Launcher Pistol offers more than just a versatile mount-on system; it's capable of use with many different paintball markers and as its name suggests, it can also be used as a stand-alone grenade launcher pistol.  It has a heavy duty launcher with a frame made entirely out of aircraft aluminum.  The Paintball Grenade Launcher Pistol can be mounted on all standard railing systems and is compatible with all thunder grenade shells.  The new system features a side ejection mechanism allowing for quick reloads.  This is a powerful weapon, especially when you find yourself in an intense battle, under fire surrounded by multiple enemies in close quarters.... nail them all at once with a grenade!  When your ability to stay in the game depends on how fast you can return fire, this grenade launcher mounted to your marker will make a world of difference!  The launcher will take paintball grenades that hold .68 or .43 caliber paintballs and will of course need to be powered up by the AG1 grenade charger.

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