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Essential Scenario Gear
Here are some things that are necessary to bring with you when going to a big scenario game.  Most importantly - your
paintball marker, pods, your hopper, and paintball mask. It is always smart to bring more than one paintball gun so you can have a back up in case your main gun breaks or malfunctions. Most of the time, you can buy paintballs at the event - and they prefer you do, sometimes making it mandatory. Then there's the specialty equipment..... Don't forget your ghillie suit or extra scope if you're a sniper; helmets, paintball pistols, tactical vests, face paint, how elaborate do you want to make this? Go crazy with it and bring everything possible to make your scenario game as realistic as possible. These are the main things you need to have for a scenario game. If you are staying over night, bring your tent and sleeping bag along with other camping necessities. Make sure you have food and snacks for an all day trip. Bring comfortable gear that you can play in all day - bring extra BDU's/Camos (and maybe an extra pair of socks) in case you get wet or tear your clothes. Bring rags, towels, or anything that can wipe your mask lens down if you get hit in the mask; also don't for get a lens cleaning solution. The absolute most important thing to bring is water. The last thing you want is to get dehydrated, and feel sick for the rest of the day. What we usually do to prepare for a scenario game, is write a check list, go down the check list and check things off as we put them in the bag; this way you won't forget anything. I'm the type of guy that checks his bag about ten times before even leaving. So when packing for a scenario game, write a check list, to prevent you from forgetting something.
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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