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So, Recently I picked up a V-Tac SW-1 Marker and I love the gun.  The adjustable rotating sites is great!  You can make the sight you are using smaller for far away targets, or you can make it larger for up-close and personal shooting.  What about mid-range? Well there are tons of in between settings you can use.  The range of the gun is pretty good compared to other paintball guns I’ve used.  The range is 150+, perfect for scenario and woodsball play.  I’ve always been partial to Semi-Automatic paintball guns because I think you can waste too much ammo with full auto.  If you are a semi-auto fan, this gun is a good one.  It also features plenty of accessory rails, and the weight balance is awesome; evenly distributed.  The Vtac SW-1 is also extremely easy to modify and upgrade. If you ever get a new part that you want to put on this marker, it’s built in rails make it is very easy to install!

What I don’t like about this gun is the stock 9 inch ported barrel.  I guess you shouldn’t expect a stock barrel to be amazing but I was expecting more out of it.  This gun also does not come with a buttstock.  It seems as a tactical marker, this is the one thing it’s missing.  Other than these few complaints, I believe this gun is entirely and simply a great gun.

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