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Cheap Upgrades For Your Paintball Marker

If you want to survive (and win!) in paintball, you've got to be fast.  So the lighter you are, the better.  Less weight and less mass, allows for the player to move faster and be more maneuverable.  Who will move faster on the paintball field ... the guy wearing a huge down parka, or the player wearing a paintball jersey?  Knowing this, there are certain things you can do to improve your marker's performance - make your paintball gun lighter!  OK, how do you do this?

The first step would be to lessen the weight used in the internals.  Like a player's gear, the less weight the better the movements.  In a paintball marker, the less the internals weigh, the less they have to work to perform the same task as any stock internals.  With the hammer and the bolt weighing less, the marker's operating pressure would be decreased allowing for a better efficiency.  You can purchase lighter-weight, more sophisticated internal parts and upgrades in our website (ChoicePaintballGun). 

So if you want to improve your paintball game, wear a jersey instead of a down parka.  If you want to improve the performace of your paintball marker, get new, lighter, more high-tech internal parts.  Paintball guns that are great for this - easy to take apart and many upgrades are readily available - are a Tippmann 98, Tippmann A5 or Spyder paintball gun. 

Another way to improve your paintball gun would be to remove any excess friction caused by a lesser degree in quality.  Now it’s a known fact that the better the internals the pricier the marker due to how stringent the manufacturers quality control is.  Cost is inevitable when making a better paintball marker so companies like Kingman make a marker that performs well for the price you pay; but in the end, you can make it perform much better by taking the time to fine tune your gun.  Removing the friction caused by your internals is as easy as taking some very fine grit sand paper and some polishing cream used for cleaning up chrome rims.  I use Mothers Mag Polishing Cream and a light grit emery paper.  It takes some time but when your done, you will notice that not only does your paintball gun fire more shots off of the same tank but it has less kick due to lighter internals.  These are only two ways to improve the Spyder and Spyder-like markers. 

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