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 Deciding on a New Paintball Gun....

If you're getting ready to buy a new paintball gun and need some help deciding on what to get, use these tips as a guide....
1 Talk to players who own one of the paintball marker you think you want to buy.  Ask them how they like them, and why.  Keep notes to help you decide which paintball gun to buy.
2.  Ask about reliability.  How easy is it to get parts if needed? 
3.  Pay attention to what the pros shoot.  They want the very best cutting edge paintball marker technology-and that may be exactly what you want!
4.  Test shoot the marker before you buy it.  Set it up with the size CO2 cartridge and loader you will play with, so you can feel the balance. 
5.  Think about the air sources available to you.  Will you be able to get high-pressure air (HPA) or CO2 refills at your field?  Will your paintball gun take a CO2 cylinder or CO2 Cartridges?
6.  Budget for a paintball marker and a loader. The fast shooting electric competition paintball marker need an investment in a fast loader to give you faster balls per second (bps) rate.
7.  Consider a used paintball marker.  If you do, it should be checked by an airsmith before you buy it. 
8.  Buy what a paintball gun that will match your style of play.  Some players will buy strictly on price, only to find out right away that they should've stepped up a little bit more.  Remember you get what you pay for; if you buy a cheap marker, don't complain much if it doesn't do much, breaks down quickly or doesn't have many upgrades.
9.  What can you upgrade? Start with a basic paintball marker, and upgrade it as you go along.

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