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Now you can use your paintball gun for hunting!  Of course you’re not going to be able to bag any big game with your Tippmann A5, but you can use your gun to help attract them.  Shoot Buck Lure Scented paintballs into territory you want to attract buck deer to hunt them.  These .68 caliber paintballs carry the scent of female deer urine and will ‘mark’ your territory, making it smell like a place of frequency for doe.  The bucks are greatly attracted to this smell and will keep coming back to the area searching for doe.  Shoot up the area you want to farm with bucks from a distance so you don’t contaminate it with your scent.  Interestingly enough, other scented paintballs are also available; ones that aren’t quite so stinky…. Apple scented and cedar scented.  Imagine leaving your paintball field fresh and clean smelling of cedar after a giant battle!  Having your paintball clothing painted with shots but smelling like tangy apples instead of sweat.  Visit our 'Other Than Paintballs' page to check out this interesting ammo for your paintball gun.
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