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Great Traits for a Teammate

You must have a positive attitude, be dedicated to fair play and be willing to set an example, that is all part of being on a team. There is nothing more inexpert than watching a player, or a team for that matter, throwing a temper tantrum due to something that happened on the field.  In my opinion this is ludicrous behavior and is very unsportsmanlike and sets a bad example for less experienced players. If you are going to be a team, act like a team, not like a mob. Yes things get hectic and it is very easy to loose your cool and let your emotions flow when you know a wrong has been committed on the field, but don’t let it happen. Being a team, in part, is that you have your act together, more so than the average group of players, put a little professionalism into the game despite what class your playing in. Bad calls are part of the game and they will always be made, learn to live with them, its part of the game. The sooner you come to this realization the sooner you can start focusing on the other aspects of the game that will help you achieve victory. Dedication to the team is critical and is essential to the overall success of the team as a whole. You must be willing to be at all practices and scrimmages, participate one hundred percent when playing with the team and learn to play with your fellow teammates. There is an old saying that goes: “There is no I in team” and this is a belief that is the core of our team. When you enter a game there is and urge to break down and play a “one-on-one” type of game, but when you join forces and work as a group team, that is where you will find success. In order to accomplish this it is necessary to practice and scrimmage together on a regular basis and to do that you must be dedicated to the team. 

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