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Use Your Bunkers Wisely!

This tactic is great for bunker to bunker fighting.  It is best when you are protected from other opponents, and you only need to be concerned with one opponent in a bunker, but is good in almost any situation.  Usually, bunker to bunker fighting is very dull - pop up, fire, duck; opponent pops up, returns fire, ducks; and usually it goes on like this until someone makes a lucky shot.  When you go to return fire, stay up instead of ducking, but stop firing while keeping aim... The opposition thinks you have ducked, and when they pop up to return fire - Blam.... you got 'em!  Also, try and remain as quiet as possible, and DO NOT FIRE UNLESS YOU HAVE A CLEAR SHOT.  I have seen many a newbie waste hoppers full of paintballs, just to keep one enemy's head down.  They not only waste paint, but they also give away their position to anyone who doesn't know yet.  This tactic is very useful.  It is simply human nature, if under fire, duck and don't come out.  But, when you hold your fire, the opposition thinks it's safe to move, then they will try and advance; they come out into the open, then "Blam!" you hit them when they least expect it!  With bunker to bunker fighting, forget about trying to aim with a paintball scope - you won't have time.  Definitely use a paintball marker with an electronic trigger though so you can keep a steady stream of paintballs flying!

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