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Planet Eclipse Ego

Small, lightweight and efficient, the Planet Eclipse Ego is becoming one of the hottest markers on the tournament scene.  At first glance of the marker, it's obvious that the milling is some of the industries best and there is no evidence of tool marks or poor anodizing.  The stock barrel is well polished internally and met with top of the line specifications for milling as well as looks when placed on the Ego.  The paintball marker also came complete with it’s own bottom line setup containing a small drop that resembles more of a rail than any drop at all and the Eclipse On/Off Purge System (OOPS).  A complete package minus a hopper, tank and some paint.  Weighing in at just around 1.9 pounds the Ego is in fact the lightest marker out there.  In comparison, the Bob Long Ripper 2 weighs 2.088 pounds with the inline regulator installed.  The Ego weighs .188 pounds less with the same setup!  This is a very important feature as it helps the player maneuver with less weight.  Although .188 pounds is not much to talk about, it still allows the Ego to possess the rights of being the lightest marker in production today.  The Ego is also extremely small.  It has a quality feel to it that gives you the sensation that this marker is no toy like paintball gun but in fact a well built paint slinger but you cannot escape the fact that the Ego feels so small in your hands. With some of the standard features of the Ego being the small drop or rail, On/Off purge System and a fantastic barrel I could not forget to include such items as the legendary Eclipse grips that feel as good as the Dye grips that so many have grown to love and the standard clamping feed neck that is reminiscent of the CCM clamping feed neck. With all these such features there would seem to be absolutely no need to add any upgrades as the marker presently set up rocks like mad right out of the box.

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