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Sniper Tips

Once you have a good paintball marker, paintball sniper scope, Camoflage or ghillie suit and plenty of paintballs, you are ready to snipe.  Here are a few basic tips that might help your strategy.....
1) Make sure the paintballs you're using is the right size for the barrel.  Paint that is too big can burst easier in your paintball gun barrel.  Paintballs that are too small will decrease your precision and accuracy.  
2) Plan your shots.  Observe and analyze the situation and be patient; the best snipers are super patient and will wait for the right moment. 
3) Utilize good ground cover to help with camouflage.
4) Clean your barrel regularly on the field for optimum performance.  Bring a squeegee onto the field and keep it in your tactical paintball vest if you wear one.
5) Strategize with your paintball team to help you survive.  Make sure they know where you are so they can give you basic cover and won't accidently walk on you or shoot you.
6) During a larger game I recommend you to have a partner with a semi automatic paintball gun to give you cover.  He can also be an extra pair of eyes for you.  He can watch your back and help you out, increasing your survival rate.
7) Don't let loose with a furry of paint without aiming.  All it takes is a couple of shots.  If you do they might spot you, but if you only take a couple of shots it will make it harder for them to find you.
8) After you shoot, look, listen, and stay still.  Move if you're spotted but if not, stay still.  It makes it harder for them to find your location.

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