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A paintball strategy usually includes all of the player's or team's pre-planned tactics that they will use to complete the objective or win the game. The best advice for a team is to select a painball strategy based on the teammates they have near them, the alignment of the opposition, and the format of the game being played.  Strategies must often be different when playing on flat surfaces and airball bunkers as opposed to rough natural terrains with a lot of steep inclines.  You should also have different strategies when playing 3 on 3 tournament games as opposed to 10 on 10 matches.  A player's environment and the level of competition they're facing as well as many other factors may affect the strategy needed to win the game.  Do yourself a favor and have several strategies ready, so you can switch to something else at the last minute if you have to.  Most of the paintball teams that are effective in competition have a planned and studied a paintball strategy they will use for that particular game.  Many of the strategies and tactics used in paintball are often rooted in military tactics.  Many of the most important strategies involve how to move and play as a team and which players will go between bunkers or out in the open.  Don't be afraid to frequently move between bunkers to get better shooting angles on your opponents.

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