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Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Sponsorship; the one thing every paintball team wants to have.  Most players looking for sponsors think its all about getting free stuff. In reality, what sponsorship is really all about is the relationship you have with a company who agrees to sponsor you. Sponsors are really great to have but only if you help them out.... one way to do this is by putting their name on your equipment and spreading the word about that company.  Another way to support them is to buy your gear from them!  Sponsors are great to have when your playing paintball, and plus it really puts the icing on the cake if you want your team to look official.  Whenever I go to a paintball field, the thing that catches my eye the most is the players wearing jerseys with different sponsors names all over them.  You have to remember though, a sponsorship is a comittment so if you can't complete what the sponsor asks of your team, then don't get involved in the first place.  Another important decision to make is choosing who you want to be sponsored by; you don't want to represent a company that rips people off or has bad products, etc.  So before you get sponsored, make sure you can complete what the sponsor is looking for in your team, and make sure you pick the sponsorship that is right for your team. 
Mike Morton, Team Trinity

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