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Trophy Hunter

This is a fun game that doesn't rely on teams.  Basically, players tie bands around their arms (these are their 'trophies').  When hit with a paintball, they lie still for 5 minutes and other players can collect their trophies while they're down.  Here's how you set this one up..... Each player wears three armbands on one arm (these are the trophies).  Players are interspersed in the paintball field.  A signal will sound every five minutes (referred to as the Five Minute Signal) and will be different than the Start and End of Game Signal. (The period between these signals will be referred to as the Waiting Period.) This game is most fun when kept within a 30 minute time frame.  Here are some rules to follow:
1. Players who are hit must drop to the ground (using common sense) and remain motionless and quiet until the next Five Minute Signal.
2. Another player (not necessarily the one who hit him) has the Waiting Period to collect one trophy.  Once the trophy is taken no more trophies can be taken from the player during that Waiting Period.
3. When the Five Minute Signal sounds the downed player is immediately back in the game.
4. Players can be hit with paintballs while collecting trophies and another player may collect trophies from both players, or however many players there are waiting for the Five Minute Signal.
5. When all a player's trophies are gone he is out of the game.
6. Trophies must be displayed on the arms.
7. All players must begin the game at their flag station (or assigned starting point) and cannot leave that area until the game begins.
8. Players who are eliminated may not, by word or gesture, indicate any intentions or locations of the players. 
Object of the Game: The player with the most trophies wins.
Tactical Advantage: Watch your back as you're collecting trophies.  Also, keep track of the five minute signal, it could be a matter of seconds before the player you just shot is back in the game.  Just as you step into the open..."tweet!"
Best Paintball Equipment to use: any type of tactical paintball marker or competition paintball gun will do.  Something with an electronic trigger is nice; add an electronic hopper to speed your game up even more.

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