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Paintball Team Strategies On The Field

Our team, the Midwest Assassins is sponsored by They've given us custom paintball jerseys and we've bought several paintball guns from them. One exercise to help your team develop a successful field strategy is to first measure out the field; then pick your position and explain why that position is good for you.  From that point, help pick where everyone else should go on the field. You need to practice this alot and communication is the key to making this work.  Try starting this from other player's positions on the field as well; that way everyone on the team gets a part and their opinion is heard.  After we've listened to all positions on the team, we vote on which ones to keep for competition.  We practice them all though.  The main thing is communication on your team though.  If you can't commuticate you'll nowhere quickly on your team.  When you practice you need to learn to slide and hide and be quick.  Speed is a must.  The Midwest Assassins practices 3 times a week even if we're not directly playing paintball; sometimes we just do speed drills and overall conditioning.  We treat paintball like it's a sport and we're professional athletes.  We also practice our field positions and do different tactical drills to simulate competition game play.  We weight train, do calisthenics and run at least 1 mile every practice.  We want our training to be like the army does.

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